Product Knowledge

Waterproof function description


Water resistant watches will be marked with WATER RESIST on the back cover, non-waterproof without this mark.



【Non-waterproof watch】

When wearing a non-waterproof watch, please avoid direct contact with water. When it is dripped by water, please wipe it as soon as possible, leaving it on will cause stains or rust on the text board. When sweating heavily or using water, please take Off the watch.




 【Water-proof watch】

Waterproof watches can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Waterproofing for daily:
    Protects against sweat, rain, or water droplets while washing your face. Although it can prevent water droplets, it is not suitable for bathing, swimming, diving, etc.

  • Strengthen waterproofing for daily:
    It can be used for water-related works or sports (swimming, surfing, snorkeling, etc.)

  • Waterproofing for diving:
    It can be used for snorkeling or lung diving. According to different diving depths, it can be further divided into waterproof for air diving, waterproof for saturation diving, and professional (60BAR-100BAR) waterproof function.。